Corruption Risk Forecast

Objective corruption and transparency indicators for over 120 countries to diagnose the present, forecast the future, and set policy targets.

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What's Different Here

In contrast from measures based only on perception, these corruption
indicators begin with the facts and can be changed by
the action of government and civil society.

The CRF includes 30 indicators grouped in 3 indexes and 1 forecast:

Index of Public Integrity

Assess each country’s ability to control corruption.

The IPI assesses a society’s capacity to control corruption and ensure that public resources are spent with integrity. Evidence from comparisons across countries shows that establishing effective control of corruption requires much more than the mere adoption of specific tools and strict legal regulations. It relies on a balance between a state calibrated to reduce the possibility of the abuse of influence and a society’s capacity to hold its government accountable.

The IPI illustrates the most important dimensions of this equilibrium through 6 components: Administrative Transparency, Online Services, Budget Transparency, Judicial Independence, Press Freedom, and e-Citizenship. Read more on the IPI Methodology.

Transparency Index

See what information national governments have committed to sharing - and how much they actually do.

The T-index is a unique assessment of government transparency based on different kinds of public information services that countries offer to their citizens, encompassing both de jure (signature of treaties and implementation of laws) and de facto (actual availability of data online) aspects of transparency. This index can be used as an important reference for business risk analysts as well as a tool for civic actors around the world. Items missing on the index are a guide for transparency advocates.

Read more on the T-index Methodology.

Corruption Risk Forecast

Learn where a country’s corruption is headed, not just where it’s at.

The Corruption Risk Forecast is built on top of a new generation of objective indicators of corruption. It allows the forecasting of trends at a country level. This provides investors and business strategists with insight about future corruption risks, and allows activists and international donors to target countries where interventions can have the greatest impact.

The forecast draws from 12 years of data on control of corruption, including 5 components from the IPI: Administrative Transparency, Budget Transparency, Judicial Independence, Press Freedom, and e-Citizenship. These trends are moderated by the most recent political events. Read more on the Forecast Methodology.

You can analyse the indicators choosing from these views:

Map View

Compare corruption risks and integrity measures around the world.

See the aggregate data (scores) for an indicator in a world view. Using the filter menu on the left side of the screen, this data can be disaggregated into each component of that indicator, as well as sorted by year, region, and income group.

Available for the IPI, the T-index, and the Corruption Risk Forecast.

Rank View

Review best and worst performing countries by index and subcomponents.

See all countries in an indicator ranked by their total scores (highest on top). Using the filter menu on the left side of the screen, the rank is recalculated based on the selected component of the indicator, year, region, and/or income group chosen.

Available for the IPI and the T-index.

Regional Comparison

Compare neighbours.

Evolution over time of the Corruption Risk Forecast’s components, sorted by region. Using the two controls on the top of the screen, users can select which component and which region will be featured in the graph. By selecting a region, all countries in that region will appear on the screen.

Click here to Compare Trends By Region, available on the Corruption Risk Forecast.

Country Profiles

Review each country’s corruption control measures, historical progress, and future trajectory.

These pages compile specific information for each country in our database. Find country facts (e.g. region, income group, population); the state of control of corruption in that country, as measured by our indicators; and its forecasted corruption risk.

Accessible by clicking on a country in the map or by searching for a desired country using the Country search.