Transparency in the Time of War – a Survey for 143 countries

Welcome to a new generation of transparency indicators! Straightforward. Directly observable. Actionable. And, of course, transparent. ERCAS's 2023 updated survey of real transparency for 143 countries shows that judiciaries are quite transparent, public expenditures more and more so, but any information which can be used directly to call officials to account is still strictly controlled.Source: www.againstcorruption.eu

Five Lessons on International Rule of Law Support

A newly released analytical tool called the Corruption Risk Forecast (CRF) surveys 120 countries to gauge the causal determinants of public integrity and combines them with the latest political developments. Together with older indicators like the World Bank’s rule of law score, the Rule of Law Index, and the V-Dem Project, this data offers five lessons on international support for the rule of law.Source: carnegieeurope.eu

New Corruption Forecast Gives Powerful Tools to Corruption Fighters & Global Investors

Consolidating a vast array of granular public data, the CRF provides three dashboards or “panes of glass” into the state of corruption around the world. These include a corruption index (the Index for Public Integrity, or IPI), a new country-by-country indicator for transparency (the Transparency Index), and the forward-looking Corruption Risk Forecast. Source: acgc.cipe.org

New Corruption Index Adds Forecasting

A new free corruption analysis tool, the Corruption Risk Forecast (CRF), provides both greater detail and predictive metrics. Developed through a partnership between two non-profits, the European Centre for Anti-Corruption and State-Building (ERCAS) and the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), the CRF offers several advantages over previous corruption indices.Source: fcpablog.com

Counting the Dead Transparently

The new transparency index (T-index) shows that the official pandemic fatality figure is deeply flawed in many countries, starting with Russia. Once a war starts, propaganda becomes a chief weapon, so it is impossible to know the number of casualties from only one source. But even before the Russian-Ukrainian war, in the fight against the COVID 19 pandemic the truth seems to have been among the first casualties. Source: againstcorruption.eu

Doing Business Gate: Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater

The Wilmer Hale auditors’ report – which found that the top management of the World Bank pressured the research team of Doing Business to change post factum the methodology and manipulate rankings to make big funders look better – is a severe blow to the credibility of these indicators. While we wait to see what the World Bank will do next, we also need to continue our work and preserve the trust of the many who use ERCAS’s actionable indicators.Source: againstcorruption.eu